About to Choose a Freelancing Business Niche? 5 Things to Consider

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One major mistake most freelancers make is in choosing a freelancing business niche. As simple as this step seems, most freelancers still fail to choose a niche when starting a freelancing business.

Truth is, if you want to succeed as a freelancer, you must choose and define your niche right from the onset.

In this post, I want to share with you five (5) things you must consider before choosing a niche for your freelancing business.

Let’s get started.

What is a Freelancing Business Niche?

A niche is your area of specialization, that’s unique to you alone.

With a niche, you’re able to tell potential clients what you’re good at, and what they should expect from you.

While there are many freelancing niches available, it’s good to stick to one, and establish authority and expertise in it.

Miss this step, and your freelancing career is in jeopardy.

Make no mistake about it, you can be multi-talented in a particular niche, that doesn’t mean you’re working in more than one niche.

Take for instance, a freelance graphic designer who can design infographics, e-book covers, Social media banners, newsletter posters, and so on, is still working in the graphics design niche.

This is different from say a freelance web designer, who is also into graphics design, writing, virtual assistance and so on.

Before Choosing A Freelancing Business Niche: 5 Questions You Must Answer

Choosing a freelancing niche is crucial. But doing it the wrong way is only a recipe for failure. Here are the five (5) questions that you must answer before choosing a niche for your freelancing business.

Question #1: Are You Passionate About It?

Passion is a factor that must be considered in choosing a niche as a freelancer. By passion, I mean something that you love doing even if you don’t get rewarded for it.

When you’re passionate about your niche, you’re willing to wake up early in the morning, and continue working till late at night.

With passion, you’ll be willing to learn more about your niche, ready to make more researches on it, and can work anytime, any day and anywhere.

If you’re not Passionate about your chosen niche, you’ll get fed up in the long run. And might dump freelancing business afterwards.

So, what are those things you’re most passionate about, you can create a freelancing niche around them.

Question #2: Do You Have The Requisite Knowledge?

Knowledge is also a very important consideration for choosing a niche. Your knowledge about the niche must be wide and all-encompassing.

There are many ways you can gain knowledge about a particular subject. This could be because you learnt about it while in college, or through self-learning and research.

For instance, a person who has taken online tutorials about copywriting on platforms such as Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare, and so on. Such a person can start a freelancing business as a Copywriter if you have written copies that convert.

Having the requisite knowledge about your niche is a must as a freelancer. After all, your clients depend on you for remarkable changes and outputs in their businesses. Hence they’ll expect more from you as a professional.

So, if you possess in-depth knowledge of your niche, you’ll not only help your clients’ grow their business, you’ll also make yourself a freelancer that’ll be sought after.

Question #3: Are You Experienced In It?

Your experience will help you a lot in choosing a niche as a freelancer. This could be the experience you had while you were in the university, or working 9 to 5.

Before I decided to specialize in content marketing, the experience I had as a campus journalist helped a great deal.

This is because as a campus journalist, I was used to writing copies for top media publications in my country. This could be applicable to you too in another way.

Take, for instance, someone who resigned as a business/ financial analyst.

In this case, you can take up a freelancing business niche analyzing tax and other business-related matters.

Also, if you were once a counsellor, you can take up the personal development niche, and offer your services in that regard.

In the same vein, if you’ve ever taught in high school, college, and so on, you can take up the education niche by teaching various subjects on a freelance basis.

With the basic experience, you’ll never disappoint your clients and self. In fact, your clients will trust you more, and ready to work with you. And in no distant time, you’ll become the go-to freelancer in your chosen niche.

Question #4: Is It Relevant To Your Potential Clients?

In choosing a niche, you should be sure that the services that you’re about to offer is relevant to your potential clients and audience.

To succeed with this, you need to study your audience, and also know and understand their pain points. That way, you can offer them the desired solution.

One thing you should note is that there’s no rule on what’s relevant to every market. In fact, relevancy is so dynamic that, what’s relevant today might not be the same tomorrow, and so on.

Likewise, what’s relevant in a particular country will most likely not be the same in another country.

If you’re freelancer based in the United States, you’ll understand that services of interest to the US audience, will slightly differ from that of the United Kingdom.

While the US market might appreciate a freelancing business in web design service, the UK market, on the other hand, might prefer a freelance copy-editing service.

After all, there are always two sides to a coin, so you must study your market, identify the relevance of your niche there before settling for one.

Question #5: Is it profitable?

As a freelancer, you’re in business to make profits. This is because, it is only when you make money that you can foot your bills, take care of your family and remain in business.

I’ll say, this is the most important question that you must ask before settling for a niche. After all, what’s the importance of choosing a niche that you’ll work for long hours, and at the end of the day, earn peanuts that cannot sustain you for long.

So, you must be critical about this step and make wise and decisive decisions with it.

Although, there are researches these days, that provide the exact details of what freelancers earn in a particular niche per hour, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

As a rule, I’ll tell you not to rely solely on that, ask questions from experts in the field, so that you’ll be rightly guided. What matters, is to be on the lookout for profitable niches that enable you to get well-paying clients always in your freelancing business.


Choosing a niche is an important step that you must take in your journey as a freelancer. Hence, don’t be in a haste to choose one, as any mistake made here could be fatal and threatening to your career.

Be willing to make in-depth researches, and ask critical questions before settling for one.

What do you think is the most important thing to consider when choosing a freelancing business niche. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below.