Dear Friend,
Ever thought of making a living as a freelance writer in Nigeria?
Do you possess a writing skill that you get praised for by your family, friends, and colleagues?
Have you heard about freelance writing, and yet to figure what it's all about?
If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then I have good news for you
But before then...
I’m AbdulGaniy Shehu, a freelance writer, content marketing consultant, and chief content strategist of Winsome Writer Services.
I graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Ilorin, but write for a living.
As an undergraduate, I was actively involved in campus journalism, participated and won several essay competitions, and got published in several media outfits in Nigeria such as The Nation, Nigerian Tribune, Daily Trust, The Cable Newspapers, and so on.
Upon graduation from the University, I took it a step further and got published in top publications in the world.
So far, I’ve had the opportunity to get featured on reverred publications such as the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Middle East, Influencive, Business 2 Community, Tech Cocktail, Tweak Your Biz, Engadget and so on.
Here are screenshots of my author profiles on some of these publications.
Back to the gist...
About two (2) years ago, I wouldn't have imagined that I'd ever become a freelance writer.
Do you know why?
In Nigeria, it's unheard of someone like me making a living as a writer.
Are you surprised?
Well, don't be...
But that's the society we live in.
It happened that I'd just graduated from the University, and wanted to find something doing to keep myself busy.
A lot of options were presented to me such as:
  • Teaching Mathematics in a secondary school.
  • Roaming the streets in search of unavailable jobs.
  • Taking up volunteer jobs by the government.
I could do any of the following but didn't because...
I had always dreamt of a career which:
  • Gives me financial independence.
  • Allows me to network with different people all over the world
  • Puts me in total control of my life.
But all the options above won't allow me to achieve any of my dreams.
So, I moved on.

How I Became A Boss Of My Own Through Freelance Writing

While I was deep in my thoughts and lost about what to do next.
An amazing opportunity presented itself.
I had always enjoyed writing right from my secondary school days till I graduated from the University.
In fact, as an undergraduate, I won several essay competitions, served as editor in chief of a campus media outfit, oversaw the publication of a magazine, and got published in media publications in Nigeria. 
I never knew that I could make a living from writing
I never thought it's possible to write and earn money from it.
I never imagined that there were individuals and businesses who pay people to write for them
I kept on searching until it got to a point when... 
I became dejected, confused and desperate
While making money from freelance writing seems good, I wanted to do it in a unique way
  • I wanted to know the easiest way to get freelance writing clients.
  • I wanted a business that I'll be in full control of.
  • I wanted to build a business that'll stand the test of time.
  • I wanted something that'll make it easy for me to compete favourably in the international market.
  • I wanted to make a mark and motivate other upcoming freelance writers in Nigeria too.
  • And so many more...
Doing this was difficult
So, I continued in this way and struggled for a long time...

How I struggled with low-paying Nigerian clients

When I started my career as a freelance writer in Nigeria, I struggled with low paying clients.
Actually, it was a friend that introduced me to freelance writing. He had a client whom he met via Nairaland, and she outsourced writing projects to him.
So I was assisting him to write the articles for the client.
Afterwards, I became one of the writers for her writing agency.
Anytime there’s a project, I write and afterwards get paid for it.
The woman stopped sending writing projects to me. I asked my friend and he complained of the same issue.
After a while, we realized that she’s decided to move on and we parted ways eventually.
Hence, my search for writing opportunities continued.
Afterwards, I got my first Nigerian client through Nairaland. He’s a member of a writing agency, and they get offers from clients on a weekly basis.
So, I thought I had hit a jackpot and ready to make real money from freelance writing.
Guess what was the fee?
Our agreement was that I’ll get paid ₦2 for each word with a lot of strict conditions.
Hence, for every 500 words I write, I’ll be paid ₦1,000.
Oh! My partnership with this client didn’t see the light of the day.
We parted ways almost instantly after some disagreements.
Below are screenshots of the agreement with this client, and the strict conditions he gave me before...

I Learnt The Right Way To Be A Freelance Writer In Nigeria

I must confess to you here.
Making a living as a freelance writer in Nigeria isn't an easy job.
Let me tell you this...
There are a lot of shortcuts out there used by many when it comes to freelance writing.
In fact, most freelance writers in Nigeria don't treat it like a business.
All they're concerned about is working for low-paying clients who'll under-value and under-pay them.
In the long run, they fizzle out, become overwhelmed, and forget freelance writing for good.
I was in this shoe for a long time
As I mentioned above, I wrote but got paid peanuts in the end.
At most, I was paid ₦2, for a word then.
Meaning that for every 1,000 words I wrote, I ended up getting paid ₦2,000.
Hence, if I were to earn ₦100,000 monthly, I'll have to write about 50,000 words.
But you know what:
I never cared...
In fact, I was so happy that I was making money then,
I discovered the right way to be a freelance writer in Nigeria.
I learnt that I should channel my energy into working smarter rather than harder.
That's by focussing on getting international clients who value and pay me well for my services
All these I learnt from my freelance writing coach, and it paid off in the long run
With this strategy, I:
 Became a sought-after freelance writer.
 Consistently earned six figures in naira monthly.
 Became an influencer in my niche.
 And so many more.

 My Voyage Into The International Market:

The Jinx Breaker

For a beginner in freelance writing, working with Nigerian clients seems to be the best option.
Not because of anything, but due to the fact that most Nigerians don't look beyond the shores of the country.
Some writers don’t even know that there a lot of opportunities for freelance writers in the international market.
Those who know, are probably doing it wrongly and earning peanuts even on the international scene.
Well, I was in the same situation a few years ago, until I learnt the right way to be a freelance writer in Nigeria.
When I did, I started getting results almost immediately.
Initially, it was a client that reached out to me for a writing project, without pitching him at all.
How did it happen?
He read my article somewhere, fell in love with it, and wanted me to do the same for him.
Not only that...
I got my first six-figure per project client through this.
You read that right?
For each article I wrote, I got paid in six figures (Naira).
No questions asked!
Are you surprised?
Well, don’t be.
Let me even shock you more:
I raised my fee to the extent that I charged $150 for a guest post of 700-1,000 words.
And you know what...
The client wasn’t only happy, but willing to give me more projects to work on.
Not only that…
Another client happily paid me six figures (in naira) just for two (2) articles of 800 words each.
He didn’t stop at that...
He still proceeded to send more writing projects my way.
Well, if you're in doubt...
Below are screenshots of the instances mentioned above.

Screenshot of the first client that got in touch with me without cold pitching

Screenshot of my first six-figure per article client 

Screenshot of the client who happily paid $150 per guest post

Screenshot of the client who paid me six figures in naira for two articles only

Screenshot of my happy client who wanted more

 Why am I showing you all these?

Well, it's simple…
Just to show you that the international market is an untapped goldmine for freelance writers.
Not only will you be paid in foreign currency, but you’ll also find clients who’ll cherish what you do, and pay you what you deserve.
But you know what?
If you proceed to the international market unprepared, you’ll fail almost immediately.
In my own case, it’s the tutelage I received from my freelance writing coach that made me achieve success therein.
Had I proceeded without any orientation on how it works, I’ll probably not be here teaching you how to make money as a freelance writer in Nigeria.
I'm glad that you've read up to this point.
This means that you're ready to unlock the amazing opportunity in freelance writing. 
So, listen to this...
If you want me to take you by the hand in your quest to become a six-figure freelance writer in Nigeria, it's important that you continue reading.
But if you aren't interested in becoming a six-figure freelance writer in Nigeria, or you don't want me to coach you, then you can decide to stop reading here

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150 Must Have Resources For Freelance Writers In Nigeria


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AbdulGaniy Shehu

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