10 Surefire Ways to Influence Your Online Brand Like An Expert

Your online brand is an important asset.

It helps your online business sprout.

It’s your gateway to the world, and a means to interact with people

It is important for your business. So you must impact it the right way.

Many brands have been made through the internet. Many persons have gained prominence on the internet. Many businesses have thrived by doing the right things on the internet.

You cannot be left out of all these?

So, what’s the best yet inexpensive and easy way to impact your online brand?

What’s the top secret of online marketers, social media influencers, authority bloggers and so on?

What have they done to remain on top always?

In this post, I highlight how important it is to impact your online brand with the right words, and the ways you can achieve this.

The potent tools for impacting your online brand

As an online brand you need to understand how the right words impact your business.

According to Hubspot, On average, B2B marketers allocate 28% of their total marketing budget to content marketing

It’s a no-brainer that many B2B’s, B2C’s etc. have utilised these tools for their brand.

With the right words, you will speak to your audience in a succinct, clear and convincing manner

With the right words, you will persuade your audience to take specific actions.

With the right words, your online brand can thrive faster with the minimum budget available.

And still achieve your set goals.

10 Actionable Ways to impact your online brand with the right words

As a business, you should impact your online brand with the right words. These ten (10) actionable techniques if implemented can make your online brand boomerang.

  1. Be straightforward:

    As an online brand, you must always think of the end goal of each content

You must always ask?

What do I want to achieve with this content?

What are my brand goals, and how can I convey it easily.

You must be specific with the goals of each content, and discuss it in details without losing track.

You must go straight to the point from the beginning.

If you can be straight-forward with your contents, you’ll impact your online brand positively

  1. Be specific:

    If you wish to impact your online brand with the right words, you need to be specific with your contents

You should only focus on saying one thing, which is the most important.

Provide your online audience with impacting and enthralling contents

As a rule, you should never say everything.

If you could do this for all of your contents, it will impact your online brand positively in no distant time.

  1. Have a logical flow:

    Do you begin your online contents from the end, and end from the beginning?

Having a content with illogical flows affects your online brand greatly

If all posts were to begin with the introduction and vice versa. How will it look?

Illogical isn’t it?

Your online contents must be easy to follow. The audience must know what it represents from start.

It must be in a logical order.

If you are promising a benefit, it must follow that order.

As a rule, explain the reasons to believe in benefits that you promise

Give your contents the logical order it deserves today, and watch as your online brand thrives.

  1. Be careful:

    It’s normal to have redundancies creep into your contents. This is understandable

How do these affect your contents?

It makes them look unnatural, and dispossess them of the powerful words to convince your audience.

What are Redundancies?

They are words you can do without in your contents. They are mostly adjectives and are detrimental to your online brand success.

You can read Smart Blogger’s in-depth post about them, and how to avoid them too..

What to do instead?

You should be careful whenever you write, because redundancies know no one.

After writing the contents, don’t be in haste to hit the publish button. Re-write and edit your contents. If you could afford it, you can pass it over to an editor.

By doing this, you will set your online brand on the right track

  1. Don’t generalise:

    To be impactful with your online brand, be specific with your contents.

Never generalise what you do? The people you work with? How you may help? The benefits in using your brand, and so on.

When you are specific, your contents will be engaging.

You will gain more followers.

You will even sell more.

Make your contents specific, and you will land more sales for your online brand

  1. Show the benefits:

    For every content out there, there must be a benefit.

If there are no benefits, the contents will be nothing but err… worthless

If I may ask?

What’s the benefit of this article?

To illustrate how to impact your online brand with the right words


So a person who stumbles upon this article through any medium, will know what is in it for him/her.

The same way, your contents must have benefits, and you must demonstrate them.

Do not keep your audience in doubt, else you will lose them fast.

Create the right words, flaunt the benefits of your online brand and witness it flourish

  1. Don’t be self-centric:

    Are your contents populated by I, Me, We, Us etc.?

If this so, then you are infusing failure into your online brand.

Your contents have to be about the reader.

You should talk about the reader, speak to the reader, and emphasise the benefits the reader will get from the content.

When you talk about the reader, you solve a problem, and drive home your points even faster.

Your online brand will profit from this greatly, and your potential customers will be better off for it.

  1. Prove your claims:

    Have you ever contacted a supposed bespoke fashion designer who doesn’t have samples?

What did you do next?

Contact him for your next big occasion?

In most cases you leave the outlet never to go back again. Ever!

This is same for your online brand, and the contents you create to impact it.

You must back up all your claims with proofs.

Never allow your audience to assume. Show proofs

If you are a Freelance Writer, you should prove this by writing.

If you are Social Media Marketer, you should show proofs of completed projects

If you want to convince your audience that your online brand is the best, then reinforce your contents with proofs.

  1. Be generous:

    We live in an internet-crazy world.

No wonder, the internet world has witnessed an over 913% growth in the last 16 years

Many online brands with the same target, try to impress the potential customers daily.

How are they doing it?

They convey their message in words, just as you do/ planning to.

This report has it that, more than 4 million blog posts are published daily

So, what happens to the potential customers?

Chances are that they are preoccupied, sceptical and confused.

They do not know the next brand to purchase their goods, or get their services from.

As an online brand wishing to impact with the right words, what do you do?

Simple, be generous!

Make your contents more detailed, more informative and more solution oriented.

If possible, put forward an incentive (In form of a free eBook). You can also offer to do something for free (a service), and do it well.

When you are generous with your contents, and the incentives you offer. You will impact your online brand rightly.

  1. Ask politely:

    There is a purpose for every content you create for your online brand.

This could be for publicity, advertisement, brand awareness and so on.

As a rule, ask your potential customers to take an action.

This you should include at the end of every content.

It is vital, and a viable tool to give your online brand the impact it deserves.

If you want your audience to share your content, state it clearly. When you do, chances are that they will do so. But if you don’t, they won’t.

Ask your audience to take actions politely, and you can only imagine them making a buzz about your online brand

On a Final Note:

Impacting your online brand with the right words is key to growing your business.

The right words ensure that you pass your message across in a convincing and clear manner.

The right words give your online brand the boom it deserves.

When you write your contents with the right words. It affects your business and grow your online brand to an enviable height.

Have your say?

As an Online brand, what are the steps you have been taking to impact your online brand?

What is the impact it has for your business so far?

Do you think the right words are potent tools for impacting an online brand?

Make your submissions in the comment box below

Taking Action: The Newbie Writer’s Guide to Success

The Newbie Writer
writer’s desk

Admit it. You have always admired great writers in your field. You have read lots of blog posts, articles, and newsletters on how to get started as a writer. You have even joined some writing e-courses that take you through the nitty-gritty of writing. You’re a daily visitor to some of the popular blogging/writing websites in the world such as Copyblogger, Problogger, Smartblogger, Goinswriter, Writers in charge, Make a living writing, Grammar Girl, Seth Godin, TheWritelife and the list is endless.

You understand writing is the calling for you, you respect writers and always wish to be called one anytime, you believe that great writers produce great ideas, and ideas rule the world always.

Just as Paul Graham puts it:

Writing doesn’t just communicate ideas; it generates them, if you’re bad at writing and don’t like to do it, you will miss out on most of the ideas writing would have generated.

But, you’re held up. Not only do you procrastinate beginning your writing career, you are afraid of failure. The ideas are perfectly in your head, but you don’t know how to get started. You read that established writers make a lot of money writing, but you think you can’t withstand their expertise.

The Reality: Being in motion Vs. Taking Action

In his post, The Mistake smart people make, James Clear aptly describes it thus:

Motion is when you’re busy doing something, but the task will never produce an outcome by itself. Action on the other hand is the behaviour that will get the result.

Let’s cite some examples:

  • If I outline 30 ideas I want to write on, that’s the motion, if I actually write and publish just an article, that’s an action.
  • If I read a blog post on How to make money as a freelance writer, that’s motion, if I actually put it into practice and start making money, that’s an action
  • If I study for a test, that’s motion. If I actually take the test, that’s action

Motion is good but action is better

I love the way Leonardo da Vinci puts it:

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

Motion is good because it allows you to prepare and strategise and learn as a writer, but it will never produce a final result. Yes, motion will show you the way but action will definitely take you there.

Taking action
Taking action

Are you ready to take action?

As a newbie writer, you should understand that actions matter a lot, if indeed you want to succeed. It’s the actions that the established writers are taking that stand them out from the crowd. If you wish to be successful in your writing career, I advise you to do the following:

  1. Start small: Don’t be in a hurry. Take calculated and important steps always. Simply put: begin with one task and get it completed before going to the next
  2. Reconnect with the present moment: Don’t be a hurry to make a name
  3. Focus on how instead of ifs: What if’s can really make you lose focus. So instead of letting your mind get lost in what if’s focus on the how.
  4. Put distractions away: These days, our devices are with us everywhere and it takes just a second to get distracted. So you need to be wary of that and do the needful always
  5. Utilise your time judiciously: Your time is an asset that you must guard jealously. While you shouldn’t harbour stress and tension about time, allow it to work towards your goals
  6. Get motivated: Make sure that you have some incentives to get self-motivated. The more motivated you are, the more actions you take
  7. Don’t be a perfectionist: Don’t wait to be a perfect writer before you start. Expertise is not attained one day, it’s learned on the job
  8. Don’t follow the majority: As a newbie writer, you need to figure out what makes you happy, what you can write on consistently over time, and follow it to the latter. Don’t be a copy-cat
  9. Be enthusiastic: Enthusiasm is a great emotional state to be in to take action. Be proud and happy to be called a writer, tell whoever cares to listen that you’re one.
  10. The time is now: If indeed you want to take action, there is no other time better to do that than now. Do not wait for the perfect moment, make this moment a perfect one.

On a Final Note:

John Wooden puts it this way: “Never mistake activity for achievement”. If indeed you want to be successful in your writing career, then you must begin to take actions. And I say: “Don’t wait to be an expert before you take bold steps. Start something today, learn on the job, be determined and remain consistent. Indeed, Expertise is earned over time and not a day’s job.”

What has been hindering you from kick-starting your writing career? Do comment in the box below.