Of Journalism and the rest of Us (Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s)

Yesterday, I was invited by the National Association of Basic Medical Science Students to speak during the 2nd edition of its annual conference which held at the University of Ilorin.

It was a workshop on Journalism, and I spoke on: OF JOURNALISM AND THE REST OF US: CROSSING THE T’S AND DOTTING THE I’S

The highlight of my speech include:

  • My Journey into Journalism (How it all started): I discussed this, because I know most of my listeners might be wondering about what a graduate of Mathematics is doing speaking on Journalism. In fact, what authority does he possess to take them through this? And of course, getting to know how I started can motivate those with similar dreams to pursue it (Irrespective of the course of study).
  • A world devoid of Journalism: A case study: Journalism provides information, keeps the government on its toes and serve as the intermediary between them and the citizens. Due to its critical role, the profession is usually referred to as the fourth estate of the realm. So, I discussed this at length during the presentation
  • Nigerian Journalism of yesteryears; Its impact on the society: Most columnists, editors, pundits and journalists we read about today were motivated due to the impact journalism played on them then. Although, Journalism of yesteryears wasn’t without its shortcomings, it wasn’t an Eldorado but the society was better off because of it.
  • Journalism in Nigeria today; A far cry from the past: Today, anybody and everybody is a journalist. You can sit comfortably in the corner of your room, and tell us what’s happening everywhere. So in a bid to meet up with the competition some of the credible media organisations fail to follow due process in their practice of the profession, and the result is what we have today.
  • Journalism in our daily activities; The Big Picture: There is hardly any day that passes by without us practising Journalism in one way or the other. This makes the profession unique and something that can be practised by all. Even as professionals, there are manifestations of the practice of journalism in our activities. Some of these manifestations were mentioned too.
  • Becoming a Journalist; Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s: You might be wondering, how easy is it to become a journalist? What are the steps that one must take to serve humanity through this wonderful profession? I mentioned the basic things that must be put in place if indeed you want to build a career in journalism
  • Dare to achieve; Nothing stops you from becoming a Journalist: Becoming a Journalist is something you can achieve. Becoming a Journalist despite your course of study is a dream you can realise too. I say it with all certainty that nothing stops you from becoming a journalist if you dare to.  I gave examples of prominent journalists in the country, who never had a background in journalism during their Undergraduate days.
  • Further readings on Journalism: I recommended some resources and books that anybody who’s passionate about becoming a Journalist can read too.

On a Final Note:

It was indeed a nice time speaking about what I am passionate about. Therefore, I will be giving my esteemed readers the opportunity to read what I presented during the workshop.


Over to you:

Have you read the copy of the presentation?

Briefly share with me, what you learned therein.

What are your thoughts on Journalism in Nigeria?

I will be expecting your feedback