7 Daily Productivity Hacks for Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer, your day is a busy one. You have to write articles for your blog (If you have one), you need to deliver clients’ work on time, social media campaign is also on the standby, you need to guest post, improve your social proof, and so on.

But the truth is that, you have just 24 hours to take these actions. You’re overwhelmed, you complain, in fact you regret the day you joined the freelance writing world. Today, that is over. With these daily productivity hacks, your day as a freelance writer will never be the same again.

Let’s go:

  1. The earlier the better:

    You need to start writing early as a freelance writer. Writing earlier in the day gives you the best output always. Research has shown that, creativity peaks in the morning, as the creative connections in our brains are most active then. The early morning is the ideal time for you to generate new thoughts and ideas. If you wish to be more creative daily as a freelance writer, you need to consider this. Wake up early, and start writing

  2. Set out a roadmap:

    A roadmap gives you a breakdown of what to write in an article. This could be breaking your write-up, into the drafting, first, second and the redrafting stages. Without a roadmap, your writing will not flow, thus slowing down your productivity. In fact, you tend to be doing everything at a time. You’re writing, jotting down points, editing (All at the same time!). With a clear writing roadmap, you know what to write, how to write, where and when to write. Remember, he who fails to plan, plans to fail.

  3. Just write:

    As easy as this seems, it is the most difficult task for freelance writers (Yours sincerely, inclusive). Admit it, it is difficult for you to write, and just focus on writing alone. You want to multitask (Social media campaigns, Research, and pitching clients etc.) at the same time. A 2009 Unanimous Stanford University research found out that people who chronically multitask show an enormous range of deficits. They’re basically terrible at all sorts of cognitive tasks. If you want to surcharge your daily productivity as a freelance writer, ditch other activities when writing, and just write.

  4. You’re good, be better:

    Have you noticed that your writing speed determines the number of words you write daily? As a freelance writer, you need to up your typing skills, if you want a productive day. While you might have all the great ideas in your head, if you suck at typing, it will affect your output. You need consistent practice using the right tools to become better at this. If your typing is approximately 30 words per minute presently, you need to work harder on it to boost your productivity. Typing improves your productivity, be better at it.

  5. Take breaks:

    Writing is a lonely and arduous task. Imagine yourself sitting down all day in front of the computer, and doing nothing but writing/typing. In some hours, you will be worked out, and might be experiencing eye strains. When this happens, the best thing to do is to take breaks. Walk away from your computer, go play with your buddies around, your kids/wife (if you do have), take snacks to freshen up and go back to work. According to Fast Company, breaks must be prioritised at work because it keep us from getting bored, help us retain information and re-evaluate our goals. Take a break while writing, it aids productivity.

  6. Adequate sleep aids a lot:

    Sleep deprivation is something you need to look into if you want to remain productive as a freelance writer. The National Sleep Foundation in 2015, recommends an average of 7-8 hours of sleep per day for an adult. You need to ask yourself, how much sleep do I take daily? Arianna Huffington in her book, The Sleep Revolution opines that we are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis, which has profound consequences – on our health, job performance, relationships and happiness. Sleep adequately and you will transform your freelance writing career one night at a time.

  7. Prayer:

    Prayer, it is said is the key. It helps create a focus in you for the day, and aids your productivity a lot. While this depends on your religion, do not forget to pray before you get your day started. With prayer, you are able to overcome mental blocks that could hinder your progress during the day. The grace of God cannot be over-emphasised too. So pray, and figure out how it will aid your productivity.

There you have it

Your daily productivity matters a lot as a freelance writer. When you fail in this, your freelance writing career is adversely affected. With these hacks, you will see how your productivity as a freelance writer will increase too. Don’t just go through them, take actions and quadruple your productivity.

Over to You

Which of these productivity hacks, do you use the most, and what experience do you have with them? Do make your submissions in the comment box below.