10 Successful Tips that Beginner Freelance Writers need in 2017

Freelancing has played a major role in the economy of countries and individuals this year. There have been milestones attained, and breakthroughs in the year in view. As the year finally winds down, many individuals will join the freelance industry.

Experts have predicted that 2017 is the year of freelancing.

Freelance writing will continue to soar as I revealed in this post.

As a newbie freelance writer, you might wonder what should be put in place to enable you compete favourably in the ever demanding market.

In today’s post, I share with you ten (10) tips for a successful career in freelance writing in 2017.

And guess what? I have a special gift for you at the end of the post. So read on:

  • Start small: 

    “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. Starting your career as a newbie in the freelance writing industry requires that you start small and then climb the success ladder gradually. When starting, do not compare yourself with experts in the industry, they started somewhere too.

Approach small businesses, start by writing for small online publications, and volunteer to do some work. When you start small, you can measure your progress and success too.

So, start small and achieve big.

  • Create a niche:

    What is a niche? You might ask. A niche is your area of specialization as a Freelance writer. This is the area where people know you for, and can vouch for your expertise too. Okay, to simplify it:

The first time you visited this blog, what niche do you observe? Writing and Freelance writing isn’t it? That is why I can’t publish posts on Music, Politics, and News etc. on this blog, because they are not my blog niches. In the same way, as a freelance writer, you should have a niche to succeed.

With a niche, you are good to go.

  • Remain focused:

    Let me tell you something frankly. Freelance writing is difficult. Why is it so, you might query?

It’s difficult to get clients.

After getting clients, writing is an arduous task.

After taking your time to write, clients might reject your works, and I can go on.

So imagine yourself continuing in this cycle for the next few months, what happens? You will be dejected and frustrated. In fact, you might quit. This is where focus comes in. You should motivate yourself and also be patient too.

I assure you, with focus you will go places in this industry.

  • Be professional:

    “Freelance writing is a business and not a hobby”. This is the mind-set and attitude all beginner freelance writers should have. If you wish to achieve your goals, do not take freelance writing, as a hobby. Professionalism is key, in your dealings with your clients. As a professional:

  • You should ask clients about the specifics of their jobs.
  • You should do the work diligently and on time
  • Respond to emails and queries.
  • You should offer valuable advice to clients.

Of course, professionalism pays in the long run.

  • Consider Guest Posting:

    As a newbie freelance writer, you are not known to potential clients. So what do you do? You write posts targeted at your niche (which I mentioned earlier), for blogs, online publications, magazines etc. I hope you now understand, what guest posting is all about?

Although it might not be easy to get in to top publications at first, but starting with the small publications, will get you there. Guest posting gives you social proof, and with time, you become an authority too.

Do you see yourself as an authority? Consider guest posting.

  • Start a blog:

    Blogging is an underutilised tool by most freelance writers. With a blog, you write consistently about a particular area of interest.

Now what is the purpose of a blog?

  • It gives you a platform.
  • It gives you social proof.
  • It makes you an authority.
  • Your audience are potential clients.
  • It provides a potential income stream for you.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”AIk0w” via=”no” ]I strongly recommend that you start a blog as a freelance writer (though it’s not compulsory). Start a blog and build a name in the industry[/ctt].

  • Develop your writing ability:

    So you are a freelance writer, is that all? As a freelance writer, your most important asset is your writing skill and ability. Therefore, you should develop this skill regularly. With a good writing ability, you can take on different writing projects.

When you develop your writing ability, you can diversify your income, and become irresistible to clients. You can learn e-Book writing/ formatting, white papers, content marketing etc. by visiting blogs, reading books, and following websites too.

[ctt template=”4″ link=”eWfA_” via=”no” ]Develop your writing ability on a daily basis, and you will be better off for it[/ctt]

  • Increase your online visibility:

    The world today is on the internet, and everything is done on the go. As a freelance writer, you must key into this, and develop your online visibility. The whole world should know what you offer, and how that can change their businesses.

You should be visible on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, About.me, and so on. Likewise, you should be consistent and purposeful with your contents and posts on these platforms.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”6cGbD” via=”no” ]Online visibility is the order of the day in businesses, and you should utilise it judiciously[/ctt]

  • Diversify your earnings:

    Freelance writing offers you a consistent income if done the right way. With a freelance writing career, you can make a decent income online. But to succeed in the industry, you must diversify your earnings. As a freelance writer, you can go into blogging, affiliate marketing, and other online businesses. With diversified streams of income, you can be sure of decent earnings through various means. If you want to earn more, diversify your earnings.

  • Do it afraid:

    Writers generally are afraid (This includes the experts too). Some of the fears writers have are:

  • Who will read my works?
  • My writings are awful.
  • Everybody writes better than I do.
  • Can I ever make money from writing? and so on.

While some of these fears are true, many writers have gone ahead despite the fears to get to their respective goals. As a freelance writer, these fears are also existent. Some of the fears of freelance writers include:

  • Can I ever get clients?
  • If I ever get clients, can I impress them to accept my works?
  • Will I be able to earn consistently from freelance writing?

Of course, these fears exist but should they scare you from beginning your career as a freelance writer? Hell No.

Rather, they should spur you to take actions and succeed in your chosen career.

So friend, do it afraid and rule the world

On a final note:

Actions separate doers from dreamers. Your freelance writing career in this year, might not have ended on a good note, but that is not the end of the world.

2017, offers you a unique opportunity to make the changes you want, and achieve your dreams. It is not too late to make hay, after all the sun still shines. I wish you success.

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I assure you, it will spur you to take the right actions for your freelance writing career.

Over to you:

What other things do you think fellow freelance writers should do to achieve success in freelance writing in 2017? Do make your comments below.