So you want to write? 10 Ways to get started

Hey Shehu, I want to be a Writer. I love writing but it’s difficult for me to start, what can I do?

Whenever I write, I feel my writing is not fascinating enough, do you face that too?

I have written many articles in the past, but I am afraid to share it with the public, what’s your advice on this? And the list is endless.

These are some of the questions I get from readers of my blog, friends and colleagues. Though they are passionate about writing, but don’t know how to start.

get started writing
get started writing

Let me tell you this: “While some believe that writers are born, others believe that they are made”. Irrespective of your belief, writing is an art that can be learnt and improved upon when you follow the right guides and learn from great writers.

So Today, I will share a 10 step guide, that can ease your writing career, and make it easier for you to write despite the challenges you face.

  1. The hard part is beginning: Writing is a herculean task I admit. It’s always difficult to write and even more difficult to continue writing. But the hard part of writing is writing. You should write regardless of whatever you’re facing or the content you churn out at first. The most important thing is to write. “Good writers write regardless of the content”. As soon as you begin your writing, everything will fall in place.

  2. Follow your writing process: Every writer has a process he or she follows. This is a routine that comes naturally, and not a step-by-step guide. The processes you follow while writing include the following
  • Pre-writing (Where you find your idea, build on it, plan and structure it)
  • Writing (In this stage, you write, concentrate more and avoid distractions)
  • Revision (At this stage you add, remove, rearrange and replace). Then, the editing and the publishing processes. When you follow these processes, writing becomes much easier and your contents are of more quality. You can read more about these processes here and here.
  1. Reading: Reading is important for writers. Good writers are avid readers. When you read, you equip yourself with the right words, vocabularies etc. you need to find time to read always as a writer, and it’s not limited to particular topics. You not only read, but read wide too. When you inculcate the habit of reading as a writer, you’ll see yourself becoming better at it.
  2. Learning: While it’s necessary to read always as a writer. That does not suffice only, as you need to learn too. As a writer, you need to learn about the usage of grammar, how to write compelling sentences, punctuation, spelling, etc. When you read, and complement it with learning, you are sure to super-charge your write-ups quality always.
  3. Researching: As a writer, you should be able to make lots of research always. Researches help your writing by making it more apt, qualitative, informative and factual. As a writer, you should research always even on topics you can write about. This helps you to improve the quality of your contents, and shows how deep your understanding of the topic is. So whenever you want to write, research first.
  4. Time: If you seriously want to increase the quality of your write-up, then you should dedicate time to it. Without dedicating time to writing, it will be difficult to produce quality contents always. Writing is time-consuming, and the more time you spend on it the better. Many wannabe writers are not one today, because they find it difficult to find time to write. Find a time to write always.Motivation photo
  5. Start small: One thing you must know is that, when you write you shouldn’t be keen on doing everything at once. Do not think you can start today, and be able to churn out Thousands of words within a few hours. As a beginner, you need to start from somewhere depending on what works best for you. Start small and move up the ladder.
  6. Practice: Practice makes perfection, they say. As a writer, you should practise always to become better. Never assume you can become a better writer without practicing. Yes, you become better by writing, and you write by practicing. Practice daily with few words, and see how far it’ll go in improving you. Write 300, 500, 750 words at least daily. Resources like 750 words, Twords and Daily Page are good for this purpose.
  7. Motivation: When you motivate yourself, it helps you to write better. Lack of motivation is something that can hunt you as a writer. Because when you are not motivated, you’re not spurred to write. As a Writer, the first step to motivating yourself is by sharing your writing with your readers, for appraisal and comments. When they do this, it helps you since you are sure someone is reading what you write. Likewise, you can motivate yourself in a negative way too. Whenever you write have it in mind that, someone will learn and be motivated by what you do. But if you don’t, your ideas will perish with you. Motivate yourself always.
  8. Discipline: As a writer, you need to be disciplined to succeed. Without discipline you will find out that, you’ll not achieve your goals. With a lot of distractions on the social media these days, you must be disciplined to follow your routines and schedules. It’s discipline that makes you to write when you have an interesting movie to watch, or an online hangout with your friends. When you are disciplined, you’ll improve your writing.

On a Final Note

As I addressed in this post, writing is something you cannot do without in the world today. There is no alternative to it. Since it is a necessity, you not only need to learn how to do it, but doing it well matters most. As it is said: “What is worth doing, is worth doing well”. With these guides, be sure to see yourself writing quality content always.

Over to you

Which of these guides, do you practise the most, and how has it helped your writing career. Make your submissions in the comment box.

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