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AbdulGaniy Shehu

Welcome on board

I’m AbdulGaniy Shehu, the founder and C.E.O of Winsome Writer Services.

I’m a Freelance Writer and Blogger who believes in using words to impact the world.

Why Do I Write?

Let me tell you this. I never thought I would be a Writer, but I have always had interest in Writing right from Elementary School. This Interest continued up till High School, where I joined the Press/ Writing club despite the fact that I was academically inclined to the sciences. I continued in this cycle up till my admission into the University. As an undergraduate, I joined the Press Club in my University (Union of Campus Journalists), and served meritoriously as the Organising Secretary, up till my election as the Vice- President Editorial.

What Have I achieved as a Writer?

I won’t say I have achieved all I desire as a Writer, but I must admit that Writing has taken me to places. I have won several essay competitions, as an Undergraduate and served as the Editor-in-chief of various publications on campus. I was also a campus journalist with many of my news reports featured on TheCable Newspapers, The Nation Newspapers, Daily Trust Newspapers, all major online media publications in my country. I also have articles featured on JarusHub (An Online Career resource platform), and Naija Writers Coach (An Online resource platform for writers).

Is That All?

Before I move on, let me make a confession.

Writing isn’t just a job for me, it’s a passion I have developed over the years.

It is this passion for Writing that spurs me to continue writing. Today, my articles have been featured on The Huffington Post, Engadget, Aha Now! and Reaching The Finish Line (All Major International platforms)

So what can my writing do for your brand?

I can proudly say that I have honed my writing skills, learning and working closely with top players in the freelance writing industry. I understand the importance of your online brand, and how my words can put you ahead of your competitors. This is what I stand for, this is what I promise, and definitely  will deliver.

Let me put my writing skills to use, to make your next project superb.

Let me use my words to make an impact for your brand.

 I promise to offer you even more

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See ya on the other side.